About Robin

Honest, but respectful.
When it comes to reviewing your book, I’m here to make it better, not pat you on the back. Of course, if it’s good, I’ll definitely do that. My edits are about making the story flow better, so you can succeed. I won’t sugarcoat things. And that’s a good thing.

My connection to an author is thicker
than my red pen.
I can’t believe how many times I’ve been told that most authors don’t even talk to their editors. They get their manuscript back with track changes and have to decipher them. Unlike many in the business, I develop relationships with my writers. I’m not an anonymous email with edits. For me, editing is also a conversation that comes from understanding what the author is trying to achieve and you can’t do that over email.

Professional, accurate, and detailed.
While having a relationship with an author is important, I’m also professional to the letter. Deadlines are critical, and I make sure that no sentence is left untouched. Even an out of place comma can make or break a scene. We can be friends, but I will also blast the heck out of your grammar if it’s not correct.

Not just an editor, an avid reader, too.
As a romance reviewer in the industry for nearly five years, I know what makes a good book. I’ve read hundreds and can tell you what sells or what’s been done to death. A lot of editors don’t actually read or care for romance. Not me— I live and breathe it. But don’t worry if romance isn’t your genre, I also edit and read fantasy, paranormal, chick-lit, thriller, crime and suspense.  

Books are my lifeblood.
There are not a lot of moments in my day when I’m book-free. Even taking a bath, is rarely done without reading. My family, on more than one occasion, has had to say, “Just put the book down, Robin, and come eat dinner.” If I’m that addicted to books, you know you’re getting one passionate editor.

Reasonably priced.
My fees are lower than industry standard. They are that way because a lot of self-published authors simply can’t afford to overpay for a service. But just because I charge less, doesn’t mean you're getting less experience. For me, it’s about accessibility and giving writers the chance to work with a professional. If you succeed, then I succeed.